Anders Coisbo

The Undercover Brewing Co – Craft Beer’s living in secret where we explore the darkest secrets & crack the hidden codes. We all know the bitter taste in your mouth when the adrenalin is so intense & the chase of the hunt escalates.

Brewers in the U.B.C thrive in secret to unlock the codes of the raw materials in their pursuit of the perfect formula for their impeccable beers. Anders Coisbo spent over 10 years as a police officer, mostly covert assignments pursuing the dark forces. Unraveling the crimes that he was challenged with. Using a similar methodical approach he prides himself on every drop of beer, pursuing his passion as the Undercover Brewing Co – Undoubtedly Danish Craft Beer at its best!


Undercover - Lager


A thirst quenching lager following the southern style. A beautiful golden colour & a rich white foam. An aroma with hints of grain & malt are combined in perfect harmony, with a blossoming finale of hops. The perfect accompliment at any lunch table or just to tickle your tastebuds on a hot summer’s day.

Undercover - Pale Ale

Pale Ale

A refreshing English Pale Ale that focuses on the interaction of fine malt & balances the bitterness of the hops. An elegant & refreshing beer that reaches a higher level. It boasts a scent of dry hops & hints of citrus & tropical fruits.

Undercover - IPA


An intense American IPA with a distinct scent of citrus. The lemon and tropical fruit flavor comes from the variety of the elegant American hops. A delicious crunchy malt sweetness matches the  bitter substances in this beer. The attention to detail in the balance in this IPA, the large volumes of dried humle contributes to an intense finale.

Undercover - Brown Ale

Brown Ale

A exquisite American brown ale with a beautiful chestnut colour, a rich malt profile with hints of chocolate & dried fruit. The American hops form a balanced bitterness to this beautiful brown ale. An intense & balanced beer that compliments any grilled dish.

Undercover - Christmas Ale

Christmas Ale

A spicy & elegant christmas ale with a piquant flavor of christmas spices.  A harmonious beer that sits perfectly at any Christmas table. The union of the sweetness of the hops and the contrast of spices are ready to pamper our taste buds over the festive season.

Undercover - Pomegranate Cider
Undercover - Apple Cider
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